Thank you so much for our thrilling experience whale watching on your sail boat.  Seeing several pods surfacing close up and in the distance was so exciting and such a rewarding adventure especially in a sail boat.I find your expertise refreshing and your knowledge reassuring.  I would recommend your services to all my friends and people coming to Hawaii to find a way away from the usual tourist attractions.Once again thank you for such a wonderful time.

Blossom Bourn

Let's Go Sailing

A view While Sailing Hilo Bay

On our recent visit to Hilo, my husband and I were thrilled with your hands-on training excursion. We were so happy that the training was part of
the package. 20 minutes out, we were sailing like pros. It felt great! No motor noise or obnoxious diesel. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it felt,
with the beautiful sunset, the incomparable views, a steady but light wind, and even a little of the famous Hilo rain–just enough to be refreshing.
We can’t wait to do it again, next time we come back. It was the highlight of our trip to Hawaii. We are so glad you provide this great option for folks
like us who are visiting and for the local folks who live near Hilo.

Debbie Ann C.


Thanks for the great sail inside Hilo Bay. We were worried about getting seasick, but you convinced us that it would be calm within the bay. It
was like riding in a car with no motor! Most of the time we were well-balanced and the ride never caused us any problem at all.

Thanks again, so much. We’ll be back to do it again, and we’ll tell all our friends about you.

Trudy W.

 About Captain Dan

Captain Dan Lappala has logged extensive sea miles throughout the Hawaiian Islands and across the Pacific Ocean.  He holds a 100-ton USCG Master’s Near Coastal Mariner’s License with Sailing Endorsements.

Captain Dan says: “I love sharing the art of sailing with local residents and visitors alike”


Our basic tour is a half-day, afternoon sailing experience, usually from 2 p.m. to sunset. From Hilo Bay on the east side of the Big Island, you can view the magnificent panorama that includes Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and the city of Hilo stretching along the crescent-shaped shoreline. It’s a relaxing day as you enjoy a private sailing cruise for you and your family or friends. Captain Dan shares stories and historical facts about the Big Island.    

For those who wish to sail beyond the 2-1/2-mile long Hilo Bay breakwater, we cruise along the Hamakua Coast with its many waterfalls and dramatic gulches. Try your hand at sailing, taking the wheel under the guidance of Captain Dan.  

Magnificent humpback whales visit our waters from December through mid-April. Offshore on the Hilo coast, we see many pods of whales, where female humpbacks have given birth and cruise with their offspring. Our quiet sailing vessel creates minimal disturbance and they often come close enough to hear them spouting and take some good photos.  

Please Call for Current Rates.  

Hands-on sailing on Hawaii’s Big Island with Captain Dan.  

Learn tips and techniques, such as:

  • Points of sail – reaching and running
  • Handling lines, sails and winches
  • Wind dynamics: Sailing with the wind
  • Coming about and jibing
  • Planning your tacks
  • Downwind and upwind sailing
  • Gauging the wind and load on the sails

Inquire about custom tours to other islands, such as Maui, Molokai and Oahu. All plans are subject to change due to weather and sailing conditions. Number of days may not be confirmed, but at least two weeks is required. Waters in channels may be rough.